4th International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

September 09-11, 2021

September 09 -11, 2021 | Virtual Event
INBC 2021

Stewart Cheffirs

Speaker at Neurology and Brain Disorders 2021 - Stewart Cheffirs
Ken Ware’s NeuroPhysics Therapy, Australia
Title : The Application of NeuroPhysics Therapy for the Resolution of Long Term Chronic Migraines


15-year-old patient presented with long term chronic migraines. Pre NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) the patient spent just 10 days at school throughout the year due to the severity of the migraines. The medical approach was to attempt to manage the symptoms/condition through long term intensive medication. Despite all previous intense conventional medical treatments and alternative therapies, the patient gained no relief. 
The patient then engaged in 4 days of intensive NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) and has reported that since the completion of NPT in 2016 he has not experienced any more migraines. This presentation will outline the methods and materials used to obtain such a significant desirable transition in the patient’s central nervous system (CNS).
Through the maintenance of the methodology and techniques the patient utilized during the 4 days of intensive NPT he is able to maintain his (CNS) in a desirable psychophysical state. These unprecedented outcomes are similar in significance to many other well publicized unprecedented outcomes that patients with significant pathologies relating to the central nervous system have acquired through NeuroPhysics Therapy.
This presentation will include video testimonial from the patient and his Father.


Stewart Cheffirs is a practicing Neuro Physics Therapist and has been practicing as a postgraduate for 4 years. He originally practiced out of the NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) Institute on the Gold Coast under the guidance of NPT founder Ken Ware, learning, researching and experimenting with NPT with a diverse range of pathologies. At present he is practicing and continuing research in Central Queensland assisting many people in need to enhance their quality of life. He has previously presented case studies at other international Neuroscience and Neurology conferences.