4th International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

September 09-11, 2021

September 09 -11, 2021 | Virtual Event
INBC 2021

Jeff Erichsen

Speaker at Neurology and Brain Disorders 2021 - Jeff Erichsen
NeuroPhysics Therapy Rehabilitation, Australia
Title : Exploring the therapeutic value of infrared thermography during NeuroPhysics Therapy


The distribution of emitted thermal energy and more predominately calculated temperatures from the skin have long been explored as a method in determining symmetry, balance and health in the human system; or lack thereof. In recent years, the Infrared Thermography (IRT) camera has come to the forefront as a fast and accurate evaluation tool in this area. However the Infrared Thermography (IRT) camera is often mistakenly seen as a device that “sees’ temperature, when in fact, it is far more accurate in determining changes in thermal energy than it is in calculating actual temperatures at any 1 point in time or over a set of points in time. 
This presentation outlines how the author exploits the knowledge of this nuance to examine and substantiate visual observations of improvements in function and thermal distribution in an injured world class athlete.
The athlete sustained a major shoulder injury in 2016 which resulted in the need for a full shoulder reconstruction. After 6 weeks of recovery, the athlete engaged in NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) and was observed making remarkable improvements in functionality and mobility of the joint during 1 x 90 min NPT session. This was also recorded in radiometric video which clearly shows the return to thermal symmetry in the system.
The presentation will also include images showing similar traits in stroke and brain injury patients, including a return to symmetry in thermal distribution from the skull and return of blood flow in the hand on the contralateral side to the affliction. 
These images are often viewed by the patient during the therapy to highlight the improvements in their system to create a further positive re-enforcement which assists in maintaining momentum during the rehabilitation process.
Key Words; Infrared Thermography, Rehabilitation, Complex Adaptive Systems, Central Nervous System, Bio-physical data, NeuroPhysics Therapy

Audience Take Away:

•    Understanding how thermal distribution of peripheral blood flow relates to an adaptive process
•    Gain insight as to the value of infrared thermography as a biophysical data collection method.
•    Provide opportunities for further research into what further information is available from studying and measuring transitions peripheral blood flow and how these phenomena relate to the autonomic nervous system responses in increasing the systems complexity.


Jeff Erichsen is a Category 3 industrial Infrared Thermographer and Category 1 & 2 industrial Infrared Thermography trainer who has spent thousands of hours on practical R&D and development in observing thermal behaviours of electrical and mechanical systems. His involvement in observing human systems with high end Thermal Imaging Cameras dates back to 2013 and over the past 6 years has observed and analyzed phase transitions in peripheral blood flow during various treatment modalities. Jeff’s involvement has predominately been with NeuroPhysics Therapy where he has spent hundreds of hours working with some of the worlds leading scientists.