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8th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

October 19-21, 2023

October 19 -21, 2023 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Biology of Aging and Neurogenesis

Biology of Aging and Neurogenesis

Biology of Aging:

Aging can be defined as the time-related deterioration of the physiological functions compulsory, for survival and fertility.The characteristics of aging as distinguished from diseases of aging (such as cancer and heart disease) affect all the individuals of a species. Mortality can be used to define biological ageing, which refers to an organism's increased rate of death as it progresses throughout its lifecycle and increases its chronological age.

  • The Neuroendocrine Theory
  • The Free Radical Theory
  • The Membrane Theory of Aging
  • The Decline Theory
  • The Cross-Linking Theory


Neurogenesis is the process by which nervous system cells, the neurons, are produced by neural stem cells (NSCs). It take place in all species of animals except the porifera (sponges) and placozoans. Types of NSCs include neuroepithelial cells (NECs), radial glial cells (RGCs), basal progenitors (BPs), intermediate neuronal precursors (INPs), subventricular zone astrocytes, and subgranular zone radial astrocytes, among others.

  • Developmental neurogenesis
  • Adult neurogenesis

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