Title: Reintegration of impaired motor-cognitive interactions in diseases and injuries of the brain buy the author’s method of kinesitherapy in the pneumatic suit “Atlant”

Valida Isanova

Kazan State Medical University, Russian Federation


In 2000 Valida Isanova was transferred to a position of professor of department of neurology and neurosurgery of the Kazan State Medical University where continues to work to the present. Doctor of medical sciences, Professor Valida Isanova personally studied pathogenetic methods of nervous system diseases’ rehabilitation in clinics of Germany, England, Switzerland, Austria, China. One of achievements is developed for restoration of motor and cognitive impairments the author's technology "The method of kinesiotherapy of neurologic patients with impairments of motor functions and rehabilitational pneumosuit (RPS) "Atlant" in the method” (domestic analog of PNF). These technologies in neurorehabilitation were included into an educational program of professional development of neurologists and neurosurgeons in Kazan state medical university. The techniques developed by professor Isanova were reported in the oral presentations at the international conference "Movement: brain, body, cognition" in Oxford in 2017 and at the international conference "Neurology and brain disorders" in Rome in 2018.


The nervous system disorders and mental impairments still remain to be among the main causes of children and adults incapacity.  Currently neurorehabilitation has a particular relevance and importance among people suffering from nervous system disorders, incapable of moving independently, self-care, performing socially important work that provides satisfaction and self-esteem, emotional balance and wealth. However, commonly used schemes of exercise therapy, massage, apparatus physiotherapy are of limited value in rehabilitation of motor and cognitive dysfunctions. In the rehabilitation context, there has to be an integrated, pathogenetically valid comprehensive rehab method developed for neurological patients. Following international practices, in Tatarstan (Russian Federation) were developed the unique kinesiotherapeutical method and an antigravitational pneumosuit called “Atlant” for medico-conductive rehabilitation of patients with motor and cognitive impairments. The method is based on higher nervous activity teachings of I.Pavlov, I.Sechenov, V. Bekhterev and C.Sherrington With the help of straining devices, installed in the pneumosuit “Atlant” along the antagonistic muscles of the body and limbs, the myotatic reflex on extension is triggered in each segment, which activates the motor centres functions in all CNS levels. There is promoting a restoration of muscle tone, affecting reticular formation, which is the main regulators of vital functions, including motor functions.  Rehabilitational pneumosuit “Atlant” stimulates the hierarchy of movement’s organization at all levels of the central nervous system, positively changes the structural and functional reorganization of the nervous system, activates the restoration of the disturbed muscle tone, and creates conditions for the initiation of lost motions and sanogenesis. The kinesiotherapeutical method in “Atlant” creates the conditions for the patient’s active participation in mobility rehabilitation process. The patients gain walking skills and other daily important moving skills, which become possible only with the adequate position of the body and limbs. Through the available objective trainings with the usage of pneumosuit “Atlant”, the patients establish social activity and communication, normal for various functional systems in the motor-cognitive interaction.