Title: Neuromodulation – invasive and noninvasive stimulation in the treatment of orofacial pain

Richard Rokyta

Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic


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It will be described the contemporary neuromodulatory methods – e.i. both invasive and noninvasive ones.  As a as stimulation were used electrical current (both alternative and constant current ) and magnetic field stimulation. Also the noninvasive stimulation using the electrical and magnetic stimuli will be mentioned. Escpecially indications and also advantages and disadvantages will be mentioned.

Invasive methods: PNS, PFNS, SCS, MCS, DBS, ES.

Noninvasive methods: TENS, rTMS, tDCS

Audience take away:

  1. The understanding of principles of invasive and noninvasive neuromodulatory methods and their possible using in the treatment of chronic pain
  2. The description of orofacial pain from the point of view of basic research and the clinical signs
  3. The understanding of main advantages and disadvantages of described methods.
  4. The clinical possibilities of neurostimulatory methods in the treatment of orofacial pain.
  5. The most frequent etiological factors of orofacial pain