NeuroPhysics Therapy Institute and Research Centre



Ken Ware is the Founder of the NeuroPhysics Functional Movement Centres, Founder of Neurotricional Sciences, Visionary and Discoverer of the phenomena, the ‘Ware K Health Trigger Process’. 
The validity of the Ware K Health Trigger Process through the NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation is entrenched in peer reviewed, scientific research data across numerous renown medical fields around the world. 
Ken Ware has delivered countless international presentations at world leading scientific conferences discussing the merits of his NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation.

Evidence of Ken's work that has been respected in world scientific journals and international science conferences includes: 

1. US National Library of Medicine:

2. Published in the Scientific Frontiers Journal:

3. F1000 Posters - 2 weeks in a row:

4. Research Gate - Ken's 7 publications
MUST BE NOTED - these are presentations delivered at International Science Conferences: