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6th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

October 24 -26, 2022

October 24 -26, 2022 | Orlando, Florida, USA
INBC 2022

Neil Gerts

Speaker at Neurology and Brain Disorders 2022 - Neil Gerts
Los Robles Regional Medical Center, United States
Title : COVID Infection and the Surprise Guillain Barre Syndrome Diagnosis


The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in February 2020, and it has affected the life of each and everyone. COVID-19 is designated as severe respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It causes an acute inflammatory process in the body, which is hypothesized to be the basis of Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), which is often triggered when an immune response to an antecedent infection or another event cross-reacts with the shared epitopes on peripheral nerves in a process called molecular mimicry.  Classic symptoms included ascending paralysis, blurry vision, and weakness.  Diagnosis is by lumbar puncture which will demonstrate albuminocytological dissociation, and treatment is by Intravenous Immune Globulin therapy (IVIG).  Here we present a case of Guillain Barre Syndrome in an adult who was recently infected with COVID-19 and still in the active phase of the infection.  The patient originally presented with complete lower extremity paralysis and tested positive for COVID-19 on admission.  As an MRI of the full spine was negative, the patient underwent a lumbar puncture which was suggestive of Guillain Barre Syndrome. After a five-day course of IVIG, the patient had complete resolution of his symptoms.

What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • As new information is being discovered about COVID-19 every day, we hope to demonstrate the association between COVID-19 and GBS.
  • We hope to help medical professionals recognize the clinical presentation of GBS in a patient with an active COVD-19 infection, and the workup, management, and treatment associated with GBS.
  • We hope to familiarize the audience regarding the association between COVID-19 and GBS, and aid in the early recognition and diagnostic approach regarding GBS.





Dr. Neil Gerts received his Doctor of Medicine at St. George’s University School of Medicine, Grenada in 2021. He is currently in his first year of his Internal Medicine Residency at Los Robles Regional Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, CA.