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6th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

October 24 -26, 2022

October 24 -26, 2022 | Orlando, Florida, USA
INBC 2021

Ali Imran

Speaker at International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders 2021 - Ali Imran
Department of Food Science, Pakistan
Title : Crude extract from Corn by products (silk and Cob) accelerate the functional restoration against compression injury to the sciatic nerve in a mouse model


Globally, polyphenols have been explored extensively for their therapeutic potential and proved effectual against various maladies. However, their neuroprotective effect yet has not been extensively explored. Likewise, quest for the identification and utilization of biomolecules from Agro-industrial waste are also in lime light due to their effectiveness and role towards ensuring food security. The aim of current investigation was to extract the polyphenols from corn by products namely as corn cob and silk and investigate their antioxidant and nutritional profile and utilization against sciatic nerve injury in mouse model. Purposely, the polyphenols from corn silk and cob were extracted through conventional extraction by adapting different variables and probed for their antioxidant characterization and identification through HPLC. For the estimation of neuroprotective effect, sciatic nerve injury was induced mechanically and divided in different groups. Total three groups of animals were made including the control containing 5 mouse in each.  The control group was fed on normal chow during the whole study period whereas, other two administrating on corn silk and corn cob extract @ 250mg/kg BWT/day from the day of nerve crush till the end of the experiment. The examined extracts showed promising antioxidant profile however, corn silk yield more pronounced effect then the Cob. The hot plate test, grip strength test and SFI assessment were taken to assess their sensorimotor functions regain ability and result showed significant improvement in the treated groups as compared to control.  Moreover, improvements in muscle mass of the experimental groups was the indicator of functional recovery.  The outcomes advocating the beneficial role of corn by products against nerve disorders. However, more studies are requited to disclose the mechanistic concerns involved with that action.


Dr. Ali Imran is currently working as assistant Professor in the Institute of Home and Food Science from more then 8yrs. He has expertise in formulation of plant based nutraceutical based dietary intervention against oxidative stress mediated maladies both in animal and human models. He has more then 60 high impacted publication in reputed food science and nutrition journals. He also won many Competitive research grants relevant to his expertise. Currently, he is working on the role of plant based nutraceuticals in brain health on animal models. He also wrote more than 10 book chapters on health endorsing perspective of polyphenols