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8th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

October 19-21, 2023

October 19 -21, 2023 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA
INBC 2018

Bernadete Marcia Voichcoski

Speaker at International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders 2018 - Bernadete Marcia Voichcoski
Technological Federal University of Parana/Electronica, Brazil
Title : Spectrum of schizophrenia and alcoholism: a comparative cognitive


The Schizophrenia Spectrum is a set of neuroencephalo abnormalities that occurs at different levels and can cause delusions, hallucinations, behavioral disorders and causes cognitive impairment. The initial diagnosis is not easy and the delay in treatment causes irreversible brain damage. Alcoholism is a disease neglected by society at the beginning, with simple and uncontrolled intoxication episodes, but progresses sneaky way to settle permanently in the life of alcohol user. Usually begins in adolescence, during family parties or friends and progresses to solitary drinking in pubs or at home. What usually begins in joy or glamor and many companies eventually end without joy, without glamor and solitude. This study aims cognitive comparison between a group of patients with schizophrenia and a group of patients in treatment for dependence on alcohol. Reports the results of a survey realized in a hospital that does treatment for Schizophrenia spectrum and dependence on alcohol.


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