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10th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

October 21-23, 2024

October 21 -23, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA
INBC 2017

Albekov Nurvadi

Speaker at Brain Disorders Conference - Albekov Nurvadi
Chechen State University, Russian Federation
Title : The field of emergence as a model for determining potentiality of linguistic fuzzy sets


The article discusses the hypothesis of possibility of determining the fuzzy linguistic sets of communicative situation based on field of emergence. It is assumed that on the base of a communicative situation there caused a field of emergence, which denotes the boundary of structural and semantic model, that prognosticates a verbal form of the communicative situation. The conception “the field emergence” is understood as a unit of a language system, having polidirected universal structure, implying the existence of the core, the center and the periphery. The field of emergence is a semantic reality that emerges as a result of communicative situation on the base of which a certain verbal variants of the communicative situation can be prognosticated.

The cause of the field of emergence is observed in the analysis of different translations of the same text, for any text can be assumed as a model of the communicative situation for the next interpretation. The main task, which is placed in the article is an attempt to determine a fuzzy model, which is capable in maximal degree of probability to calculate the volume of linguistic fuzzy sets at the lexical level, that potentially useful as language material for a modeling a text on the base of the field of emergence.

Based on the fact that the variability of verbal form of communicative situation is strictly individual, the question arises whether it is possible to predict the verbal model of the communicative situation, regardless of the individual, i.e. person. Is it possible to design a fuzzy model of verbal forms of communicative situation in the framework of the field of emergence?

In seeking an answer to the question above indicated, the work was conducted to identify the linguistic potential (in the aspect of the use of lexical units) of the field of emergence, caused on the basis of a particular communicative situation. As a material for our analysis of more than 1,600 various texts were studied on the theme of: love, friendship, work, leisure, school, family etc. In the course of our research, we used the methods of a) statistical calculations, i.e., frequency of use of certain lexical units, the presence in the text of lexical items that are not directly relevant to the topic, the types of syntactic constructions, case method, to determine the extra-linguistic factors, and others.

Audience take away:

The benefit of using the model of field of emergence is that it helps to analyze a communicative situation and with the help of the model of field of emergence it is possible to determine the most effective variant of text to verbalize the communicative situation.


1988-1993 - Department of Romano-Germanic Philology of the Chechen-Ingush State University, specializing in Teaching English and French. Qualification by diploma is “Philologist, Teacher of English and French”. 2009 - defense of the thesis for the degree of Candidate of Philology on the topic: “Emergence as a component of invariantly-variable structures of translated texts” (10.02.19). Work experience: 1993-2003. - Worked in different organizations. 2003-2006 - Assistant Professor of General Linguistics chair philology department of Chechen State University. 2006- 2009 - Senior Lecturer of General Linguistics chair, 2009-2015. - Associate Professor of the of General Linguistics chair. From 2015 to present day - Dean of the Foreign Languages department of Chechen State University