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10th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

October 21-23, 2024

October 21 -23, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA
INBC 2018


Speaker at Brain Disorders Conference - LORENA RUBIO
Institute of Neurobiology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico


Lorena Rubio work at Department of Developmental Neurobiology and Neurophysiology at the National University of Mexico, Querétaro, México. She is a researcher and teacher. For many years she has been involved in studies related to the effect of undernutrition on the developing brain. The main subjects are issues related to gustatory system with emphasis on neurobiology and early development. Research interest development of cognitive responses food preferences in early food restricted rats, effects of perinatal undernutrition on the morphology of the gustatory pathway in pre-weaning and adult rat and the effects of pre- and neonatal under nutrition on the development of the papillae and taste buds in Wistar rat.