Title: Dyna Brace quasi experimental randomize clinical trial Knee Unloader Orthosis with Optimal Transitional Mechanism in Subjects with Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis

Roshanak Baghaei Roodsari

University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation, Iran


Roshanak Bghaei, PhD of Orthotics and prosthetics in University of Social Welfare and rehabilitation Science (USWR). Our research team fabricated a new orthotics joint and frame for patients who suffering from osteoarthritis in medial compartment and this is the first step in one case, I hope it can be suitable for publication in this respected journal



Knee Osteoarthritis resulting pain, progressive inability to walk up and down stairs, decreased quality of life, reduce the kinematic and parameters of gait. Orthotic management is considered as a conservative treatment by using permanent corrective forces which is unnecessary, permanently. This study will intend to design and manufacture a new orthosis for resolving this problem. For this reason, a new knee joint will be designed which is able to apply alternative corrective forces on knee in stance phase and finally, evaluated in ten patients with knee osteoarthritis)

Audience take away from: 

With this research, faculty members can present a practical solution to a knee osteoarthritis problem and provide new information to help with the problem. Given the damage to the brain pattern, walking in this disease is a useful solution