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6th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

October 24 -26, 2022

October 24 -26, 2022 | Orlando, Florida, USA
INBC 2022

Neha Singh

Speaker at Neurology and Brain Disorders 2022 - Neha Singh
Dayalbagh Educational Institute, India
Title : Transfluthrin induced dopaminergic neuronal loss facilitating toxicological endpoint deficits in Caenorhabditis elegans


Pervasive use of pesticides in all over the word that may affect human nervous system extensively. Likewise pyrethroids are the major group of pesticides that is used in household products from where human get affected and suffer with various neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s. It is a most frequent neurodegenerative movement disorder and affect nearly 5 million people worldwide. This work has been carried out to check the hostile effect of ubiquitously used Transfluthrin, Resmethrin and Cyfluthrin pesticides on Caenorhabditis elegans BY250 (Pdat-1::GFP) for the evaluation of their adverse effect on behavior and development at different time intervals i.e., 4, 24, 48, and 72 hours (hrs) of exposure. It was performed on behavioral endpoints like locomotion, egg-laying, offspring count, and learning along with developmental parameters like mortality, paralysis, and growth for further evaluation of neurodegeneration. Based on screening, Transfluthrin resulted in substantial loss of dopamine neuron of CEP, ADE and PDE. This work provides evidence for the potential of transfluthrin for dopamine neurodegeneration in the worm model and highlights the relevant aspects of neurotoxicity associated with exposure to pyrethroids.

Keywords: Neurodegenerative diseases, Environmental toxicants, Physiological Endpoints, Parkinson’s disease, Green Fluorescent Protein.


She is in the final stage of her Ph.D. in this year at the age of 28 from university of Dayalbagh Educational Institute. She has published 3 papers in reputed journals.